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Menworth Hill / Menwith Hill
NOTE: People use both (see google) but O.S. Mapping use "MENWITH"
Ex-R.A.F. / Present - .N.S.A. & .U.S. Millitary.

As reported in the UK's newspaper 'The Sunday Telegraph' in August of 1997. Menworth Hill is growing. The site stopped being a British .R.A.F. base in 1955, when the American Military took out a 21 year lease. When this ran out a second 21 year lease was issued. Since then no further lease has but requested or granted, meaning that since 1997 no permission has be given for the current occupiers to remain in residence. The information about the leases came out in a court case when a 'peace campaigner' named 'Lindis Percy' was prosecuted for her campaign activities around the Menworth Hill.

In 1985 there were about four radar ball/domes, and by 1990 this had mor than doubled. If according to the planning permission which appears to have been given they now have around 28 ball/domes. For some reason they .N.S.A. & .U.S. Military see the need to keep adding more and more radio, satellite listening equipment.

A five foot dish can easily send and receive data into L.E.O. ( Low Earth Orbit.) A seven foot dish can talk to the moon. With the advancement in digital communication these dish sizes are reduced. The range of the Menworth radar dishes is such that they can listen over thousands of miles way beyond the requirements for receiving data from satellites or line - of - sight transmissions. Some may even say that they can be used for listening to deep space transmissions. Infact the diameter of the Menworth Hill dishes are larger than some Radio Telescopes.

If Menworth Hill isn't for spying on the UK, or Deep Space why is it in Britian. Satellites mean all radio and phone transmissions can monitored without the need for a ground station to act as a relay point. Can anyone shed any light on what they are doing there. Even if they are for long distance ground communication you can only recieve transmission at ground level for quite a short distance. ( Due to the line - of - sight rule. ) Therefore to listen to transmission outside of the UK would require using Skip. # You don't need thirty foot dishes to talk to an orbiting satellite ?

Has anyone out-there been into Menworth Hill, if so please snitch. Also if there are any picture or more info please email it to us on the link below. . . . . . . .

# = SKIP : Skip is where the radio signal is bounced off the Earths atmosphere, as a result a weak version of the radio signal can be heard over much further distances than normal. Tring to use skip delibritly as a means of listening is not a cleaver idea as it is not reliable nor clear.

Line - of - Sight = Radio transmission in analog or digital, just like light travels in straight lines only. As the surface of the Earth is curved you are restrickted to how far a signal can be sent in one go. With the use of relay - stations or sattellies the signal can be redirected around the Earths curve. Because radio telescopes point out into Deep Space, they don't have to take this into consideration too much.

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