Independent Northern Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (UK) 

R.A.F. Filingdales
R.A.F. & Norad.

R.A.F. Filingdale. Set in the North Yorkshire Moors in the middle of the U.K. Having some of the most powerful radio and radar equipment currently in use. The site is used not only for watching in case a nuke or other missile is launched, but also to keep an eye on space rubbish. A strange use for such important and expensive equipment. Not only can space rubbish damage any and all satellites but the falling debrie could kill. ( Space Debrie : See the second half of this page )

Basic Stats

Microwave Transmitters 7,680 units   Building Height 8 storeys apx
Wattage Input / Output 2,500,000 watts   Radio / Radar Field Range 360 deg
    Objective Minimium Range 10 cm @ 3,000 miles
From ground to deep space.

More Info Soon

One thing which has been admitted about Fillingdale is that it has been used to spy on radio communications local and foriegn. With its amazingly powerful detection equipment, it is the perfect place to monitor craft within the atmosphere of Earth as well as searching a good distance into space. But have they ever picked up a craft which didn't come from the Earth.

Space Debrie

Space debrie can cause something scientists call ' The Cascade Effect '. This is basically where bits of satellites and expended rocket parts hit one another resulting in more rubbish, this in turn hits yet more debrie, and so on.

The threat to human life is already apparent as we have all been effected. Thanks to satellite 'Snap 9a' all human alive before 1998 have a small quantity of plutonium in their bodies. Although it is only a small amount, it can still be picked up on a giger-count with levels several times higher above background radiation. The plutonium evaporated in the upper atmosphere when the satellite body came back to Earth. Due to the distribution throughout the atmosphere, all life not only human has been effected.

The ground tracking stations currently have over 2,000 large items of debrie on their screens. Watching to see where and when they come back to Earth. The biggest problem with this is, that including all the little bits and pieces floating around up there, it is estimated that there are over 10,000 parts of debrie in Low Earth Orbit. ( LEO ). Just one small fleck of paint cracked one of the Space Shuttles windows. If this surprises you consider a car accident : At 30 mph a 1 Kg weight has the force of 25 Kg's. A paint fleck might not weigh much, but at 22,000 mph it is like being hit by over a ton ?

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Space debrie has sometimes been mis-identified as UFO's, but only a small quantity has been so. Space Debrie can NOT be used as an excuse to palm off a UFO sighting where a landed craft is involved. Governments of the world - please take note !


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