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Moon Object Still A Mystery

For a few months now, we have had this image
on our front page. As of yet, no one has even
sugested what the object infront of the moon
could be. Fair-enough, the two small dots to
the right could well just be stars in the background
but that can't be used for the large object on
the left. If in orbit of the moon, it measures
many hunderds of miles in size. If in orbit of
Earth, it still leaves it being bigger than the
I.S.S. ( when finished ). If you have any clue
to what this could be, please email us, and
that goes for any mysteries you might have.

All pictures sent must be in JPG or GIF format.
High-res Close-up
To the right is a close-up of the moon
taken in January 2002. If the above
image had been taken using the same
camera and lens set-up, just what
would we have seen. If this was an
Alien Spacecraft or some manmade
item, it is unlikely that those responcible
would be kind enough to put the item
back there for us to rephotograph.
Things are never that easy !

Keep watching this space - Soon we will have more photos for you to judge for yourselves.

The first picture was taken with a
compact 35 mm "film" camera.
Zoom lens and built in flash.

Second was taken with a 35 mm "film"
S.L.R. camera which was mounted
on a Mead Reflector Telescope.

Negatives have been checked but
no damage or defects were found.

Truely a U.F.O., since it is UNKNOWN.
But Alien ? Who knows.....

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