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EVENING CHRONICAL : Saturday March 6th 1999
Strange Sightings In North Heavens
( Original Reporter = Mr C. Westberg. )
UFO watchers are keeping their eyes glued to the skies after a string of strange sightings in the North East. (UK) Bright orange balls, some apparently flying in formation, have been spotted. Similar objects have been recoreded in other parts of the country but UFO experts believe the major activity has been centred over North Durham. (Co. Durham, UK.) One woman driving at Crookgate Bank, between Newcastle and Consett, watched a Large oval-shaped object in the clouds for around 20 seconds.

In a detailed report to a UFO information centre in Leeds, run by co-ordinator Andrew Ellis, she said it was orange and Yellow. The woman, who did not want to be named, said the object seemed to hover above trees and then moved behind them. Mr Ellis said : "she feels that what she was viewing was the bottom of the object and the top was obscured in the clouds." Another report in the same area recorded two or three orange balls flying in formation.

EVENING CHRONICAL : Tuesday January 30th 2001
UFO alert at airport
( Original Reporter = "not stated" )
An airport in Siberia was closed after pilots refused to use it, claiming a UFO was on the runway. The crew of a cargo jet refused to take off after reporting a luminescent object over Barnaul aorport. A spokesman said the crew of aonther plane also refused to use the runway for the same reason, and landed elsewhere.
The UFO took off and venished 90 minutes later., according to the report.


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