AREA 51 U.S. Millitary Testing Ground
Since most people already know of Area 51, we thought it would be a good idea to center on things which
people may not know. Such as radar tracking over the site, site movements and such. Over the next
few months, we will be bring you site maps and pictures giving details of Area 51 and the surrounding lands.

Questions which we should now ask, instead of the old ones !

1.) Where have they moved to, since activity have been cut by over 85% ?
2.) What was caught on radar in 1995 over the base ?
3.) Still taking land, but activitys down. Groom Lake - It's BIG !
4.) The Craft of 51 - We mean "Aircraft".

If you have any question you want answered about Area 51, please email us and we will try and help.
If you want to have a laugh, email the F.B.I. asking about aliens. (we did) They won't email you back.
Or email the N.S.A. and asked about what they know about Area 51. (we did that as well) They tell you to go away !

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