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Where Has Area 51 Gone ?

Since 29th September 1995 when the U.S. Goverenment actually admitted that Area 51 and it's base
was real. The activity in and around the area dropped off. Today nothing much ever happens and you
are less likely to get aressted for looking around the boarders, since the the security has also dropped
off, reduced to almost zero. Research by a number of American researches and journalists have shown
three sites which have had an increase in activity and in some cases a totally diverse change in activity,
boarders, patrols and security. The map below shows approximate positiions of these new possibilities.
Please not how close to New Mexico they are. This would make moving anything quite easy for them.

Even the town of Racheal, which has relied on the custom of visitors hoping to see some musterious
happenings at 51, has now declined. There is still plenty to see and no body knows how much has been
left hidden. No reason for the lack of activity has been given by the relative agencies. That having been
said, no reason has been given for the increased activity at the three other sites, which are suspected as
the site for the new 'Area 51' test base.
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The SR71 Blackbird was tested and based (for a short period of time) at Area 51. When anounced to
the public that it was to be retired because it was no longer required. Speculation arose that the Aruora
(Replacement for SR71) was then being tested at 51. Aruora has always been denied be all U.S. agencies,
even though it has been mentioned in some inturnal memos. However a couple of years after retirerment
the SR71 came back into use. ( Now flying faster & higher than before ) If it is not required, why call it
back into service. More importantly ? where was the new SR71 tested ? For the answers to this and many
other questions, should we now be looking in Utah and Colorado ?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We don't yet have any picture of the new sites, but as soon as we get any, you can see them right here.

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