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What was caught on radar in 1995 over the base ?

Mystery Object Over 51

In 1995, a radar tracking system at Area 51 followed an unknown object for a couple of minutes.
While tracking, the object would hover and dart around, at one point it was seen to travel thirteen
miles in only six seconds. Even at a constant speed, the object would have had to be traverling
at 7,800 mph / 12,552 kph. Since the object spent time just hovering, if it was to cover the same
distance in the same time but from a standing start. Then it would having had to accelerate to
15,600 mph / 25,105 kph to have done so.
This terminal speed is calculated by taking into consideration
a constant rate of acceleration from start to finish. The G-Force
created by such an act would cause damage to a human pilot
without any kind of dampening field.
( Something we don't yet know how to create ? )
Conpared to craft beloning to the Millitary and / or N.A.S.A. we can't
yet get close to that kind of speed or acceleration.

Known Crafts and Speed for Acceleration Comparasons.

  Craft m.p.h. k.p.h. Time to
Max Speed
1. F117A Stealth Fighter/Bomber 700 1,126 5 m 30 sec
2. F 16 Fighter 1,663 2,676 3 m 21 sec
3. F 22 Stealth Fighter 1,776 2,852 2 m 10 sec
4. SR 71 Blackbird Stealth 1,890
1 m 42 sec
? m ?? sec
5. Space Shuttle (With Boosters) 19,800 31,865 2 m 55 sec

Up to six seconds and even a farari can beat the space shuttle
( Figures in red are unofficial speeds, all other speeds are approximate. )

More on the Radar Track as we find out !


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