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The Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.
Seti's main area of research surrouds radio signals. Using radio telescopes such as the worlds largest
in Aricebo, South America. They search millions of channels and frequencies every second. In the
past people such as Steven Spielberg has helped fund thier reaserch. Now Seti have the 'Seti@home
Where anyone with a computer can join in by going to Seti's web site, downloading a small
program and then downloading a data unit which your computer the works with as a screen saver.

Full details are available on thier site. Click the link below to find out more. Also the latest version of
seti @ homes software is ready for you to download free, ( Current version = v3.08 ). .S.E.T.I. @ Home
A new version called BIONIC is available which works in a different way. The mew software can not be
run at the same time as the screen saver version.
click the link to find out more.

.I.N.S.E.T.I. have their small group doing work units. Each WU is a data sample
which is a radio single sample of 1 min 47 sec. Any and all WU done by a person
are credited to them, and if YOU find a signal, then it's YOU that gets credited.

The Planetary Society
The Planetary Society do many thing which are space orientated, are also the main sponsor of the
Seti @ Home project. You can visit the Society at planetary.org to find out more.

The Planetry Society Have and do many things, see their site for details.

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