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August 2002
Crop Circle ? in Sparsholt, Hampshire, UK.

Is there a message hidden in the
data pits of the pictured "CD"
or is it just a very good bit of art.

To all of those who claim crop
circles are a natural thing, please
get in touch on how you think
nature did this !

As for hoaxers ? It's acurate,
Big, and very complex !
It would have taken, alot
of people, a long time for
this. But the field shows
no damage, other that the Grey.

Daily Mail, Monday August 19th 2002
(c) 2002 Daily Mail News Paper (UK)

AMONG crop circle believers, this creation is being hailed as out of this world.
And even sceptics would have to agree it's well worth a close encounter.
Best viewed by squinting, the complex pattern depicts an Extr-Terrestrial
figure holding a disc containing a mysterious set of messages. The alien,
more than 100 yards long, has appeared in a wheat field at Vale Farm in
Sparsholt, Hampshire. [ in the UK ]

"It's amazing", said Steve Alexander, a crop circles expert. "It shows what
they call in UFO culture as a Grey figure. It seems to have a sort of compact
disc which holds data. Alot of people think there's a message in there, whether
it be musical or the spoken word."

No one has worked out what the message is. [ if anything ] But trying to puzzle
it out should help enthusiasts fill in time before the British release of the Mel
Gibson movie, 'Signs', a thriller about crop circles.

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