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Jun 2005

June 27th 2005

This is NOT a joke ! On the morning of Monday the 27th June one of our members who
also takes part in the S.E.T.I. @ Home Project got a hit on a work unit !

Full details will be given soon including frequency and location.
But we thought it best to add to this page as soon as we could.
Anylising this unit in more detail is in the hands of S.E.T.I. themselves.

End may/Early June 2005

Texas, U.S.A.

Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it an Alien Craft ?
Comming soon - all will be known.

May 2005

Memebers Area soon - Sightings / pictures / photos

Sighting in North East of the U.K. of strange object.
Group on day out all see it.

April 2005

Another noise over County Durham.
Full report on file.

Feb 2005

Site finally getting the upgrades we have talked about.

Sightings and pictures along with an update on the photography section to cover
Digital cameras and telescope use.

Note: We have had to close down ALL email for this site and only use an
online form which will be online soon. Any email links we haven't removed yet
will only lead to a dead end, and never be delivered

November 2004

Asteroid makes a near mis this year, we were told about one of them only after
it had passed us by.

U.F.O. Magazine is sorely missed, and as such the Alien / U.F.O. & Paranormal
coverup is well and truely under way.

August 2004

I.R.C. on Quakenet : #Taken

Please call in and support us, you can discuss anything or send us images
for the site. Personal details are ONLY ever used with permission.
Our DataBase is held on a system which is NOT net linked.

September 2003
Giant asteroid - 2014 : what to do ?
Full artical soon, but we will also be putting up links for several
other groups linked directly with this event. (hopefully : non-event)
August 2003
Crop patterens a-new. Soon, this years latest will be up for view.
The delay is due to another site shake-up, and some new members.
Sorry for the delay.
August 2002
Crop Circle ? in Sparsholt, Hampshire, UK.

A close up of the 'CD' can
be seen by clicking HERE

Not much info about time &
date were given. But a full
copy of the news paper
artical can be seen by
clicking HERE

June 2001
Woman Get 20,000 for Video
A woman from Derbyshire got 20,000 for video footage of a three mile wide U.F.O. The area where she lives is known as a U.F.O. hotspot. Other people saw the U.F.O. but Mrs Rowlands was lucky enough to video it. The thing which is even more surprising is that N.A.S.A. has asked to view the tape. The U.F.O. has been likened to those seen on a N.A.S.A. video which shows a nouber of U.F.O's around a 20 Kilometer teather which broke off from an American spacecraft. Until the footage is shown on T.V. see what you make of this stills image taken from Mrs Rowland Tape.

A Full copy of the published artical from the Daily Star will soon be in the news paper section.
March 2001
Airport shuts down for U.F.O.
Details about this sighting are vague at best. The Airport was at Barnaul, Siberia. Pilots approaching and on the ground reported a glowing sphere on one of the runways. Some pilots changed their course, refusing to land. Other pilots on the ground refused to taxi onto any of the runways until the unknown craft / sphere had moved. The Sphere took off and disappeared under it's own power after having been on the runway for over ninety minutes.
Further details as to the size and speed of the U.F.O. were not given. Neither were any details of radar detection or direction in which the sphere arrived or left. Should any extra information become available we will publish it on our site.
Thanks to all who have already contacted us for whatever reason.

U.F.O. Magazine haven't yet announced the date for this years Sky Watch, but when they do we will print the details in our news section.

REQUEST SPECIAL : Out of all the contact we have had, we have not had that many photos. Anyone who has an interesting picture, please email us a copy (JPG / GIF / BMP Format). All images sent by email MUST be "Zipped" and anyone wanting to send picture and/or images by land mail, please contact us to arrange details.

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