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S.E.T.I. / Planetary Society

Welcome to the home of .I.N.S.E.T.I.

Here we have many items and areas which cover the
fields of Aliens, craft, U.F.O's, Photogrphy, Militry and Space.

Thanks for calling!

We are starting a new and fresh site, the results of which will begin showing here later this year.

We are also getting a new dedicated email for submissions.

keep calling back & stay tuned. Cheers!


Photography Tip & Advice
Menwith Hill Radar Instalation
Links Page
Mysteries : Photos of unknowns
Filingdales & Space Debire
Organization with U.F.O Links
AREA 51 - Info & Sightings
The Night Sky - Map

PLEASE NOTE : Site work restarted !

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